Update on Jay Schwed – Healing Crystal Bowls

THANK YOU! to everyone who came out to meet Jay Schwed, and experience his vibrational healing concerts. Those singing crystal bowls were Awesome! And so was the turn out of people who attended!!

Many people expressed interest in learning more about singing bowls and pyramids. In response, Jay has offered to come back to Springville to do a 3-day workshop/training. YAY! :)

The course is outlined below.

There are potential plans for early July, but we need at least 5 people to sign up before we confirm a date.

The course is $650, and each attendee is required to make a non-refundable $125 deposit to guarantee a space for themself.
To reserve a space, payments should be made to Jay’s PayPal account; thejzone@yahoo.com
He also accepts major credit cards.

***Each attendee will receive a discount for the course, based on tool purchase size. Some have even attended free. Prices are listed below.***

As soon as 5 have registered we can set a date!

For questions/reservations you can contact;
Regina 559-313-6076
Jay www.healingcrystalbowls.com

I definitely feel benefits from the singing crystal bowls….And I am personally looking forward to Jay’s return. Hope to see you all then! :) Regina



‘Attuning to New Frequencies’

‘Attuning to The New Frequency’, is a 3 day experiential process designed to assist each student in raising their personal vibrational frequency and that of their clients to the new frequencies and shifts that we have been experiencing. During this transformational journey, each student will experience a powerful healing, clearing and releasing of the old, preparing for a bringing in of the new energies. Each student will learn to connect with the individual and group energy and transform it into unique musical compositions through the form of this unique beat.

Each participant shall learn proper techniques on handling, caring for and usage of a wide variety of sound healing tools in a wide variety of arenas. The emphasis will be on crystal singing bowls, singing crystal pyramids and several other powerful tools. Emphasis will be on learning to facilitate private sound healing sessions and a variety of different types of group processes. You will be trained in a REVOLUTIONARY new technique I have developed as I was guided by a horse. This can be used on animals, people and even plants, gemstones and more. ITs VERY POWERFUL !!!

The facilitators 30 years of experience as an alternative healthcare practitioner are weaved together to make this a powerful, passionate and life changing experience.

Each day begins with a ceremony of sound, vibration and magic with preparation of mind, body and spirit as we prepare to embark upon this powerful journey. An awakening of the enchantment and inner light is the foundation.

The main goal of this training is to ignite the fire that lives within each, harmonizing body, mind and spirit and assisting each in their greater awakening. From this point we are prepared to give birth to our new sound healing journey, bringing these tools and techniques to our clients, friends and family. Each student will leave this course with the confidence to do private and group sessions.

This training ends with an introduction to my upcoming apprenticeship program.

Tool Prices


6″. 239
7″. 259
8″. 279



10″. 169
12″. 179
14″. 189
16″. 209
18″. 297
20″. 400
22″. 550
24″. 700
Frosted sets
Small. 900
Medium. 1100
Large. 1300
Set of 12. 2300


5″. 250
6″. 299
7″. 349
8″. 369
9″. 399

Sets of 7 begin at 2500


3.5″. 175
5″. 225
6″. 250
7″. 275
8″. 300
9″. 325
10″. 350
11″. 375
12″. 400
14.5″. 450
Pyramid carrying cases.

6″. 100
7-8″. 110
9-10″. 120
11-12″. 130
14.5″. 150



Note: A percentage of all tools purchased goes towards a reduction of the course fees.

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